The Weather, The Elderly and Community Spirit

The Weather, The Elderly and Community Spirit

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With the snow melted and the roads cleared we have managed to go back to normality, buses are
running trains are running and we all go on with our daily routines.

Over the years I have heard that the sense of community has died, that the Celtic Tiger had put an
end to that. People are working longer hours and have less free time to pop in to have a cup of tea
with their neighbors or loved ones. One thing that the “Beast from the East” has proven is that
Community Spirit is 100% alive. From people shovelling snow for elderly neighbour’s or ensuring
that neighbour’s had enough milk and bread to get through the storm.

Working in the Homecare industry you get to see the people go well above and beyond the call of
duty on an hourly basis not just daily. But during the “Beast from the East” this was taken to a whole
other level. Carers were doing their utmost to get to their Clients if they could drive they drove if
they couldn’t they walked. I’ve even heard stories of Carers having their partners drive them to

Without the determination from the Carers their elderly and vulnerable clients would be left without
Care. This is unthinkable but as Carers do “Care” whole heartily about their clients they got to their
clients. Going “above and beyond” for your client is said so much nowadays that in my eyes it has
lost its meaning. I will, however, say that Carers that I am fortunate to work with demonstrate a level
of empathy, compassion and Care for the people they care for and I am proud of every single one of
them. They most definitely did without question go above and beyond for their clients.

With time to reflect on the aftermath of “The Beat from the East” which sounds more like a UFC
fighter than a storm it’s hard to think past did we prepare well enough for such an event. I would
safely say that the Authorities got it spot on and gave plenty of warning, so plans could be put in

I find it hard to contemplate how frightening it is for an elderly or vulnerable person when the
country grinds suddenly to a standstill.

But thankfully we are in a position that we have wonderful people who are willing to help people
when they are really in need. I wish I was able to thank each Carer for the work that they have done
during the storm and daily. So, Thank You!!!

It fills me with confidence that when I reach an age or a stage in my life that I need to have a Carer
that there are people who are willing to be there for people who need it.
To all the Carers out there you provide an outstanding service in the Community and without you
hospitals and Nursing Homes would not be able to cope with the demand.
Keep up the amazing work, you are Valued.

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