We treat each person and their circumstances differently...

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Home Care, shouldn’t cost the earth. All home care is individual and there are many ways to ease the financial burden, such as;

  1. HSE Home Care package (contact your public health nurse)
  2. Up to 40% Income Tax Relief

Just 1 hour a day, can make a difference, when you call us on 018343840, we will go through all the details as soon as you arrange to meet us.

We treat each person and their circumstances differently, since we’re all unique, so;

  1. Call us now to arrange an appointment 018343840
  2. When we meet, you can tell us what home care service you want
  3. We will visit your family member with you at home or at hospital
  4. Enjoy peace in mind, when you know they’re in caring hands

More details about the HSE Home Care Support Scheme

The main priority of the Home Care Support Scheme is older people living in the community or those who are in-patients in acute hospitals at risk of admission to long term care.

Home care packages will also be available to those older people who have been admitted to long term care and who can (with support), return to the community. Packages may be offered to those already using existing core services, such as home helps, but who may need more assistance to continue to live in their community.

Home Care Support packages are also available for young chronically sick people and others who could continue to live at home provided they had adequate supports.

Contact your local public health nurse for information on a home care package.

Clinical Governance

Clinical governance is applied to all aspects of delivery of care to our patients and their carers, our staff.

Sandra Cooney’s Homecare Ltd. is committed to continuously improving the care provided, through quality, accountability, and management.

This is achieved through ongoing training, clinical audits, research, openness and communication, and risk and information management.

Staff members are responsible for acting in line with clinical governance requirements and ongoing monitoring – starting at Director level and continuing through the organisation.

Specifically, the clinical governance role encompasses:

• Quarterly scheduled clinical governance audits
• Undertake client re-assessments, considering care needs and their existing care plan
• Liaise with public health nurse regarding the care plan and its suitability to the needs of the client
• Review client diaries in line with care plan, examining for compliance with clinical requirements
• Recommending policy updates/corrective action where necessary

Sandra Cooney’s Homecare Ltd. has been delivering care services for the past twelve years in the Dublin  and is familiar with the region’s geography and volume of home support required.

Our staff have knowledge and experience of working in the North Dublin community and an understanding of the characteristics of the local area. This enables them to provide each client with a welcoming and personalized service that maintains their independence and enables them to participate in community life.

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