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When you start benefiting from our home care services, you will probably be in a position to say something similar to what these clients have said. 

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“Sean loves Ian, he’s so caring, patient, reliable, and above all he’s now one of our family. Sean’s come on leaps and bounds and Sean can’t wait for Ian to turn up at our home. The staff in Sandra Cooney’s are also so friendly and obliging, they really go the extra mile to meet our needs, they’re a godsend.”

Barbara Conlon, Sean’s Mother

“It is absolutey wonderful that I have someone to turn to that can help me. I think the carer getting Bart up is a major help to me. And when I call Sandra Cooney’s Home Care, I am reassured that whatever I want doing will be done. If I had not got help from Sandra Cooney’s Home Care, I could not look after Bart alone.”

Ann Connolly, Bart’s Wife

“Here is my carer Vera. I couldn’t find any fault in Vera or Sandra Cooney’s Home Care. She attends my every need, there is nothing she would not do for me. She is a great carer.” Maria Burdoch, “Here is my carer Vera. I couldn’t find any fault in Vera or Sandra Cooney’s Home Care. She attends my every need, there is nothing she would not do for me. She is a great carer.”

Maria Burdoch, Client

“My carer Dierdre has brought me a new lease of life, my health has improved dramatically since I started using the services of Sandra Cooney’s Home Care and Deirdre has become my dear friend.”

Lilly Breen, Client

“My carer has become my dear friend, she does my shopping, cooks my meals and does all the housework. She sometimes sits and chats to me and gives me all the news. I love our chats and look forward to seeing her every day.”

Bridget Conroy, Client

“I live alone. My carer John looks after me very well. He cooks my dinner everyday, the lad makes a great stew, we have great debates about football. John, my carer, comes to me again in the evening and cooks my supper and tidies up and makes sure that I am safe and everywhere locked up, so I can go to bed in peace.”

John Quinn, Client

“My mother receives 24 hour care from Sandra Cooney’s Home Care, it was great to get my mother home from hospital knowing we had professional and trained carers to look after her. It was a relief to all the family that we could get on with our own lives knowing my mother was being well cared for at home.”

Catherine, Betsy’s Daughter

“Despite our apprehension at the start, our carer Eduardo has made life for Harry so much better. He is a pleasure to have in our home and now we couldn’t do without him.”

Carmel Mc Grattan, Harry’s Wife

“Sandra Cooney’s sent me a great carer. Her name is Collette, she is a godsend. She cleans the way I would myself. She gets my shopping, prepares meals, but most of all she talks to me and when I talk back, she listens. She is very understanding and kind. And my days are better since she started to come to my house.”

Ann Bohill, Client

“Dear Sandra,

I want to thank you most sincerely for making all your recent arrangements to wonderfully look after my Mum. The carers were great and offered us magnificent support and allowed me to keep some kind of normal life going.

To acknowledge the carers that had the most to do with Mum (Elaine, Gemma and Tracey) I have enclosed a card and a gift voucher for each of them. They were terrific ladies and, particularly Elaine & Gemma, who had the 24-hour responsibilities, they added so much to Mum’s last few weeks. Also, my thanks to yourself, Liam and Deirdre.

Kind regards, Pat”

“I look after my wife nearly full time, when Sandra Cooney’s Home Care came into my home it was brilliant, for a few hours a week the carer does things for Josephine that I can’t do (personal hygiene). While the carer is there, I can go out and get shopping and have a bit of free time for myself and this makes me feel good. So really, our carer helps both of us.” Patrick Christian, Josephine’s Husband

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