About Us

Putting quality first in everything we do for our clients

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Sandra Cooney’s Homecare Ltd. is an Irish-run business, and has been providing Homecare in the community to clients of all ages throughout the greater North Dublin Area for over 12 years.

At Sandra Cooney’s Homecare Ltd. we believe that the personal touch we provide aids our clients in their recovery and allows them lead a happy safe life in the comfort of their own surroundings.

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients and clients’ family.

Home and community Care Ireland

HSE Prefered Provided of Home Care

Our Vision

By putting quality first in everything we do for our clients, relatives and staff, we aspire to be the most respected and successful care provider.

Our Mission

To always focus on improving and developing:

• the quality of the care and choice we offer our clients

• the quality of our staff, their experience, development and behavior

• the quality of our systems and our financial performance

Our Values

The care that we provide is important to the client and the clients family. We work together to make quality our way of life. We respect support and strive to improve the communities we serve. We are honest, fair an ethical in everything we do. We recognize and appreciate the individual in all of our clients and staff. We accept responsibility for our actions. We strive to make life and work meaningful for all.

Carer of the Month

At Sandra Cooneys Homecare we like to support local Irish Business below are a list of our current suppliers that we use.

One Touch provide Sandra Conney’s Home with scheduling and clock in facilities for all Carer’s and clients

PaperPunch provide Sandra Conney’s Home with all our Stationary requirements.

bETHENY provide Sandra Cooney’s Homecare with all our Office Wear and Carers Uniforms.

Big Print Small Print provide Sandra Conney’s Home with all Print Requirements